is a website dedicated to keeping its finger on the pulse of the eternally shape-shifting spirit of the age. By that I really mean that it keeps track of cool or interesting stuff happening around the world right now which probably doesn't get much airtime in the mainstream media, but which is nonetheless exciting, unusual, entertaining, fascinating or simply weird.

A lot of things could have those adjectives applied to them, but Stuff Happening Now is more about trends which ordinary people can get involved in, or have some sort of interaction with. But then again, more restricted activities could earn a spot on these pages if they're influential enough. The best way to get a good idea of what SHN is about is to check out the home page and see for yourself. I think there's something here that will interest everyone.

At the minute, Stuff Happening Now is a small, privately owned and not-for-profit operation, but I'm plannning to make it grow, and at the moment I'm focusing on building up a network of knowledge around the globe. SHN therefore wants to hear from people who are absolutely on top of the latest trends carving a big ol' niche in the zeitgeist and helping, in some small way, to change the way the world works. Go to the blog HERE